Below are letters written by 11 of Lacy's victims describing their personal experiences with her over the years. Their names have been omitted to protect their identities.

"Lacy has had countless victims. She's managed to scam a lot of very intelligent people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. And a lot of times she manages to get away with it because people are too embarrassed to come forward. But all that does is enable her to victimize other people.

While I dated Lacy for several months, I never found her to be particularly attractive. But the thing that seperates her from a lot of other women in L.A. is her personality...or at least the personality that she portrays. She's perfected her craft over the years to come across as being extremely personable and she is easily able to gain a persons trust as a result.

As far as I'm concerned, she's a sociopath that manipulates and lies to get what she wants (cash). She doesn't really care about anybody. Since the death of her mother, Ann, in 2003, she's incapable of feeling any real emotion, even during the times that she acts hysterically and puts on a fake waterworks show in an attempt to garner sympathy from her prey. In the fantasy world that she creates, she's killed off both her father and her brother, Morgan, nearly a dozen times. It's almost as if she really wants both of them dead (Her father did actually pass away in 2016). She'll tell stories about both of them, about how her father was a "shady cop" and about her "perverted brother who works as a porn producer."

She can claim that everything on this website is made up and that it's all lies. But in actuality, it's just the opposite. While I am not the admin of the website, I'm confident that everything detailed on the site is the absolute truth. No matter how delusional she is, she cannot honestly say that all the media coverage regarding the crimes she's committed is made up. Or that all of her victims are just making stories up about her. Or that the District Attorney's office is just out to get her, that everybody is lying except for her.

I first met Lacy Johsnon in October of 2011 after responding to a personals ad she had posted on Craigslist. However, she told me that her real name was Lacy McAllister. After a few months of dating, she gave me a sob story about her father having stage IV colon cancer. I had no reason to question her claims at the time because I couldn't imagine anyone being sick enough to lie about having cancer.

But that's exactly what she is: A sick woman who preys on younger men because they tend to be more inexperienced and naive. Before I found out who she really was, I made the mistake of giving her $1,200.00 to help for cancer treatment for her father; cancer that he never had.

She doesn't just limit herself to victimizing younger men...she has even gone so far as to con her own friends and family; in one instance, she took advantage of her own grandmother (father's side) with the same lies.

Lacy was sentenced to a paultry 6 months in jail after entering into plea deals in two seperate criminal cases. That's virtually a slap on the wrist considering all the lives that she has destroyed. There's no doubt in my mind that once she gets out of jail, she will resume her crime spree. And if she breaks the law again, she will face an extended prison sentence. The only conceivable way she can pay back restitution money to all the people that she stole money from will be to scam someone else. If that happens, I hope that person(s) will come forward so that Lacy Johnson faces true justice once and for all."